Seeking Experienced Tax Preparer

We have been very fortunate over the years to have formed a team of accounting and tax professionals who have become as close as some family members become.

This tax season, one of our team members is relinquishing a position that has been critical in our operation, that has been handled with the most care in a most professional manner.  We are sorry to loose Joanne, who has retired from our office, and will focus this time of year on matters that we hope will bring an enrichment to her life.

We hope to stay in touch with Joanne, and wish her the very best for future days.

It will be a tough “row to hoe” but we desire your help in asking your senior family members who have experience in preparing personal income tax returns, if they would consider joining us each year, in our office during the personal tax season. We are steady busy in March and April, and operate as a team, with the best software and equipment that is meaningful to us.

They can fax to us at 519-279-5429 or email to their desire to accompany us on our tax preparing journey.  The successful candidate will be very experienced, and willing to work 24 hours each week, on three consecutive days commencing this March, 2020.  We can have an appointment set up for them so they can discuss issues and thoughts about the tax season.

We look forward to your response, and also to give you assistance again this year, in the preparation of your personal income tax returns, that are due April 30, 2020, or June 15, 2020 if you and your spouse are self employed.




The Hollingsworth & Associates Team


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