Free Tax Preparation for Some Canadians

CRA can provide information to you that may enable you to have your tax return prepared at no cost.

There are some restrictions, the main one being your total income, but it sure doesn’t hurt to check it out on your own.  I hope you can get a savings, and if not, we are here to help.  We do charge a fee for services, and do our best to keep our costs in control so you don’t pay for inefficiencies.

Here is CRA’s Link CRA Free Service

See you soon.



frenchhunter, I am Jack

The first sailboat was a 12′ aluminum one made by Alcan, and it had 100 square feet of sail.  The second was a 26′ fiberglass Grampian.  It was an older clunky boat but sailed well, and we never tipped it.

This one now is a 31′ Hunter that we sailed from Lake Michigan, through Mackinaw into Lake Huron, and have it nestled in Bayfield in Slip 13 in the lake front basin.  It’s been there since 2008, and we have made that area our summer place since 2001.

Keep doing Taoist tai chi and pretend no one is watching.  When you look at them, they look away and wonder what you just did.  We are laughing inside.

Where did the old taxprep4u site go?

I’m so glad you noticed.

It looks like most of the time we spent adding links to the web site, and you actually used those links from time to time.

We were using a third party program to write the different items that were contained within the web site, and it was generally useful to those folks that really are into web design, backups and the technical part of design.

We are not that type, but have tried our best to adapt.

Now, it seems easier to use a different tool, and simply blog from time to time unless you drop us a line that you need some accounting support.  That we can sure give to you.

Ask, seek, knock.  You know how it goes, right?


Jack img_0834