We are a small bookkeeping and accounting office in London Ontario specializing in keeping your business documents posted, and your financial statements and tax filing up to date and in order.

We try to be an extension of your office, and your offsite controller on a full part time basis.

We focus on T1’s T2’s HST returns, Source deduction PD7 reporting, WSIB reporting, financial statements, internal reporting, inventory reporting, liason on your behalf with CRA, and keep you posted in management reporting at your request, and our insisting.

Contact us at 519-649-2001 and fax us at 519-649-7880.

Email us at admin@hollingsworth.net

Visit us in London Ontario N6C 5Z6 at Suite 101 395 Wellington Road South and book an appointment with us at Appointment link:

This works perfectly for those who don’t want to arrive unannounced.

We have a great variety in our client base, and have special exposure to services, manufacturers, auto repair shops and car dealerships, proprietorships, limited companys (private not public), hair dressers, real estate renters, carpenters, doctors, lawyers, butchers, bakers, cabinet makers, rich men, poor men, beggers and thieves, and all other sorts that you are related to, or don’t want to be.

Give us a call and we will make you feel at home, and set up a plan to keep your ducks in order, and the wind blowing in your sails.


And it gets even better…….


Sue is pretty busy posting and analyzing all your documents!


Who can ask for a better volunteer Reception person like Violet?
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