July 1 2016

This is a rainy day where I am.

It will be nice to just blog, watch Netflix, read a few books, or at least a few pages from a few books, and sneak a few jube jubes for a smiling mouth.

It’s time to retire in the sense that 3 days work, and four days away from the office would round up a nice week.  It would cut my driving time by 40% and I’ll be able to use that extra four hours in another way of meditating.  Maybe just lingering in the garden and watching the chipmunks frighten the birds away from the ground seeds.

Work at home is another great option, and the office is just perfect, with a window that opens, and a western sun set that will remind me to pack it in, and move to the south side to watch the night sky fall through the oak tree in the back yard.


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