The Real Reason for Wearing a Mask

I don’t go out that often at all these days, unless it is imperative, like grocery pickups, weekly trip to work (accounting is considered a “necessary service”) , doctors appointment that shouldn’t be cancelled, and to walk across the road to drop off the mail, or pick some up.

When I do go out, I am really shocked to see the number of people who still don’t wear masks in this ugly pandemic that is causing a lot of people to get sick, and die.  It’s nice that some actually recover, and go on to live some reasonable semblance of life.

I know the people who don’t wear masks are probably following those country leaders who refuse to wear one because “that’s not me”, not realizing that monkey see, monkey do, and keep on racking  up the R points.  I sure wouldn’t point a finger at just a neighboring country,  because there are probably a lot more countries in the world that have their society follow the example of their leaders, good, or bad, wise, or the other, rich, or poor.

I came across this article in The Atlantic, and thought I would share it with you.  Let me know if it expires, and I’ll remove this note from our little blog:

Take care, and have a nice, happy day, and don’t let the germs get you.

The Real Reason to Wear a Mask, Lone Ranger!

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