An Update to our Office Procedures

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, our office is closed, and we will receive your information through email, mail, a portal, and provide a banker’s box drop off in front of our office door on Thursday April 9, 2020, where you can leave your documents in a pre-numbered envelope for us to pick up.  Our door will be locked, and we will remain to supervise that the drop off box remains intact, and for our use only.  We hope to weekly leave a banker box outside our office door, and Thursdays seems to be alright for now.

We can mail back to you a summary of your personal tax information, with a T183 consent form, that we require your signature on, before we are authorized, by you, to e-file your return.

For those that have an email address, please write us by email ( that you would like a portal set up, and we can have a link to your portal sent to you.

For those that have lost employment, or self employed income, there is a website you can go to apply for CERB which amounts to $2,000 ($500/week for 4 weeks) that can be repeated 4 times.  It may help with some of those costs that are still lingering that you need assistance with.

This is the link to the governments Canadian Emergency Response Benefit

Read some history on the Spanish Flu.  It started in January of 1918, and ended December 1920, and it took many lives, and made many ill.  Some of us had parents or grandparents that lived through that devastation, and if our ancestors did not learn anything from that experience, then we won’t as well, and are doomed to repeat history.

There seems to be many politicians that will try to make us believe they know more than the medical professionals, scientists, wise people of the world, and the humble leaders that have quiet voices.  Let your conscience dictate the path to your own better health and well being, and know the tall soap box of the many who know the electronic media, will topple when the earth’s rumble causes people to look to a better way.

Stay happy, healthy, safe, and give your distant friends and family members a hug through the telephone, when they are afar.

We will see each other again.






2 Replies to “An Update to our Office Procedures”

  1. Thanks for the update Jack.

    You might want to change the end date on the Spanish Flu, should read 1920.

    Stay safe and will see you on Thursday????



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