New Procedure for 2019 Returns – Our Office

For anyone with an email address, we are sending an invitation to a Hollingsworth Portal. You accept the invitation, and on the next screen you have to advise how you would like to confirm your identity. It’s generally by return email, or text to your phone.

Either way, a code will be provided and you enter that in the screen before continuing.

You then have a user name (your email address) and a password, that you have made up.

Then, advise us by return email that you can get into the portal, otherwise, it may time out on you and it will have to be resent.

We use the portal to upload your finished tax return, and authorization form, which goes into it’s own directory. You can “digitally” sign the T183 form at the right time, and it is pretty straight forward.

Any documents that we require, or information that we require from you, will be communicated to you later.

For anyone without an email address, our office will be open Thursdays between 9:30 and 1:00 pm for a drop off in a bankers box outside our office door. We will provide a summary when it is completed by “snail mail”, and the authorization form must be mailed back before we can e-file.

We will send electronic invoices when finished, for payment, and you can use either CC or email transfer, or mail in a cheque.

For those without email, a cheque can be mailed, or you can call us and we will return your call, and you can then provide CC numbers that we can document towards your invoice.

Hope that answers the bulk of the questions, and if not, drop us a line, or give us a call.

This is the link to your portal: My Portal Shared with Hollingsworth



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