Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

There are a number of government programs available for individuals, self employed business people, and business that require no interest demand loans, with a portion forgivable as grants, probably taxable.

Most of the information is available on the Canadian Government’s website, and I will write the link for your contemplation.

We can surmise that the attention given to “free” anything will be pretty great, and the best, and wisest know that free is only the time that has been given to us, to spend how we best choose, and anything else comes at a cost, or a price to be paid.

There will be a tremendous effort put into scamming the system, and I’m sure an equal and opposing effort to either stop that from happening, or, in the least, a good, costly follow up to make sure that those that took advantage of an unfortunate situation, will participate in the payback, in one form or another.

We try our best, in our office, to assist those in enrolling in the programs that would best benefit, and of course, it never ceases to amaze me, that those that reported less than $5,000 in income last year, would like now, to fess up, and report an amendment reporting an even higher income, possibly because it serves some advantage to them now. Should I wink, wink?

Here is some Government reading for you Here

Have a nice day!


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