Self Help Desk Added for Hollingsworth and Associates

We will soon have the 2020 preparation of your personal tax returns on our desk, and we thought we would try to be more prepared than last year, when the pandemic, Covid-19 was first announced.

In order to accomplish this, there are a few changes we have made, that may help streamline our process to process your tax returns soon.

We have opened a “Self Help Desk” that you can access Here!

It is part of Zen Desk, and we are truly new at it, and hope you bear with us on it. We will try our best to document some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), and they point to a URL, or a link on your computer search bar. When we get your email asking the questions that are quite common, we hope you won’t be offended if we copy and paste the URL that gives an answer, and it will save us time, and point you to the “Self Help Desk”.

We know that you have computer access when you can read this little message, and because of that, we thought you should know that we do have a mail slot put in our office door, that we waited patiently for 3 months for it’s installation. It will accommodate something larger than the envelopes that you have been previously shuffling under our doorway, and hope that you can benefit from it. I am still searching if CRA has a program that will underwrite that cost the same way they do for the plastic screens hanging down in front of the cashiers, in the stores that you may have to frequent. Oh well, if they don’t they don’t.

Take care, and stay healthy, safe, and happy. It has taken us from 1918 to realize that we didn’t get it right then, and hopefully, if we get it right this time, our children’s children, and theirs may not have to go through the tragedies, and separations from loved ones that we did this time around.


Your Hollingsworth and Associates Team

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